Açıq mənbələrdən foto.

Açıq mənbələrdən foto.

Monitoring at business facilities, the causes of lethargy in the field of art, and the situation in connection with the pandemic are topics of today's media.

On many sites this is not respected

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about ongoing monitoring by the Ministry of Economy. The author notes that on June 12, in order to verify the necessary rules of social behavior, and to comply with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements, the Ministry of Economy conducted monitoring at various facilities. These are mainly building materials, sales of products, medicines, beauty salons and flower shops, and a number of markets. In most of them, as monitoring revealed, the requirements of social behavior and sanitary and hygienic standards were not met. Of the 383 sites monitored, in 155, the above requirements were not met. Monitoring was carried out at the facilities of the Nasimi, Yasamal and Nizami districts of the capital, in the Absheron district, as well as in the Masalli, Agdash, Dashkesan, Ismayilli, and Fizuli districts. From May 22 to June 13, monitoring was carried out at 5,759 entrepreneurial facilities, at 2,528 of which there were violations of the rules of necessary social behavior and sanitary and epidemiological rules.

It's all about money

The website Moderator.az discusses the distortion of history by Armenians with the national artist Afag Bashirgyzy. As noted, on June 22-26 at the largest film market Marche du Film the film Doors to Paradise will be presented. The film If the Wind Blows is presented at the Cannes Festival, which shows the Khojaly airport. In this regard, the Azerbaijani community of Nagorno-Karabakh sent a protest letter to the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival. The author of the article says that during this period the Azerbaijani side did not make a film about the April battles, did not expose the Armenian occupation with the help of various creative scenarios, and did not present to the world the ideal work on this topic, that is, it did not show any activity. Afag Bashirgyzy notes that good films need good money, it's all about that. According to her, everyone is now thinking about their income and profit.

Victims of this virus are getting younger

The website Yenisabah.az discusses the situation with the coronavirus pandemic with the main infectious disease specialist Jalal Isayev. The latter notes that all age groups are already infected with the virus. Hospitals already have a small shortage of places for patients. Therefore, treatment of patients with a mild form of the virus is normal. As for the strict quarantine regime, it can help the situation, but it cannot prevent the infection. On June 13, 352 people were infected. We must try that the number did not reach 500. According to the doctor, currently, the situation is very serious.


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