Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, the complication of the situation of migrants, the influence of the quarantine regime on human psychology, and a deputy’s attitude to the police operation are the topics of today's media.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, calling this situation the result of irresponsibility.

7 million people worldwide are infected with Coronavirus. The worst thing is that no one knows why this disease originated and how long it will last. As for the situation in Azerbaijan, during the period of strict quarantine, infection was minimized. However, after the regime was softened, the number of infected people increased. Citizens do not wear masks, and for this 2,776 people were brought to administrative responsibility.

The website Bizimyolinfo.az writes about the impact of the pandemic on people. According to World Bank President David Malpass, a pandemic paralyzes even the mental state of people.

60 million people may be in extreme poverty. Experts comment on the situation of labor migrants, of whom there are 165 million in the world, and most of them work in countries with high incomes.

In the pandemic, many of them want to return to their homeland. Experts note that in 2019, the official part of remittances amounted to $ 500 billion. In 2020, according to WB estimates, this figure will decrease by 20% or $ 100 billion. This process may adversely affect Azerbaijan. Remittances from Russia to Azerbaijan annually amount to approximately $ 1 billion.

The website Azpolitika.info discusses the quarantine regime providing psychological impact on people. One example is the confrontation taking place in the world, disobedience to the authorities, and growing aggression. Quarantine deprives people of their freedom of movement, which creates aggression and internal protest, increasing stress levels, the growth of chronic diseases.

The website Moderator.az comments on the situation with police violence against residents. Experts condemn the confrontation with citizens. Experts consider it wrong that the police forcefully break into the houses of residents and take them to the police. There is no need for such action. There are fines on this. On the other hand, citizens must comply with the requirements of a strict quarantine regime. This is to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus infection.


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