Media review for March 7, 2020

The issues of water supply for the population and agriculture, the place and role of women in Azerbaijani society, the likelihood of manat devaluation, and other topics are in the focus of today's media.

The newspaper "Azerbaijan" writes about the problem of water supply to the regions. Over the past 16 years, 1,500 artesian wells have been drilled into the countries; modular-type water treatment facilities have been installed in hundreds of settlements.

There are a few cities where projects on improving the supply of drinking water and creating sewage systems have not yet been implemented. In Baku, 80% of the population is provided with uninterrupted supply of drinking water. website ”writes about the role  of women in Azerbaijani society. Of the 141.2 thousand newborns in 2019, 46.8% were girls. 48.2% of the employed population are women. In schools, 80.7% of teachers are women, in universities - 54.7%. Among civil servants, the proportion of women was 28.5%, and entrepreneurs - 21.7%.

The site “” in the article “OPEC +’s Negotiations were unsuccessful” indicates a absence of consensus among oil exporting countries on the level of production to maintain stable prices. Thus, the OPEC recommendation to reduce production by 1.5 million barrels per day was not accepted.

The website “” writes about the likelihood of a fall in the rate of manat against the backdrop of falling oil prices. The decline in global economic activity has already led to the depreciation of the currencies of Turkey and Russia.

The same process is observed in Georgia, which strengthens the expectations of another devaluation in Azerbaijan.

If the global economic crisis continues, the Azerbaijani authorities will not support the manat, experts say. -0-


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