Media Review for November 22, 2019

Deepening reforms in Azerbaijan, calls for a change in legislation in connection with relations between banks and customers, and winter worries of electricity consumers are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about deepening reforms and preparing a new development strategy. International experts and scientists will be involved in the work on it.

Beginning in 2019, reforms in the economic, social and agricultural fields brought additional financial resources to the country. Over the past 16 years, the country's economic growth has grown by more than 3 times, and poverty from 50% has fallen to 5%. For 9 months of this year, growth in the non-oil industry exceeded 15%, and in agriculture - 7%.

The website discusses the need to amend the laws in connection with the obligations of closed banks to citizens to protect the rights of the latter. Bankrupt banks do not issue funds to citizens, but require payment of loans issued once by the same banks. This point needs to be resolved.

The website discusses with the deputy Fazail Agamaly the need to revise the limit on electricity consumption. This issue is especially relevant in the autumn-winter period. The MP considers the revision to be very important. The Tariff Council has taken measures on gas, but the issue has not been resolved with electricity. The electricity limit should be completely eliminated, or changed.


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