Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku / 09.06.20 / Turan: A resident of the Yasamal Yeni massif, Gulyar Suleymanova, said that she did not forgive the police officer who rudely and cynically insulted her, and no one apologized to her at all. Thus, she accused the Ministry of Internal Affairs of lying, saying that they apologized to the woman. She also stated that she would go to court in connection with violence against her two sons.

On June 7 the residents of the house at the address: Yeni Yasamal massif, st. Dadash Bunyadzade, 13, protesting against the police detaining a tenant of their house, began shouting from the balconies and throwing garbage at the police. On June 8, in the morning, the forces of the Rapid Response Regiment carried out a special operation in this yard, burst into apartments and forcibly dragged half-naked citizens into the street. With the use of violence and humiliation, 11 people were detained.

Gular Suleymanova is the mother of Elvin Suleymanov, whom the police did not even allow to get dressed. Moreover, the “law enforcers”, beat and detained Elvin, returned for his brother Kerim, who “dared” to tell the police officer to give his brother the opportunity to get dressed. The police officer repeatedly insulted the mother of the brothers, calling her and the woman’s husband “rabbits”.

Suleymanovs brothers were arrested for 15 days. Elvin was found guilty of petty hooliganism, and Kerim was not subordinate to the police, said the lawyer Javad Javadov. He said he would appeal the arrest today.

A complaint will also be filed in connection with illegal actions in relation to Gulyar Suleymanova. For without a court decision, a raid on her apartment was actually committed, inhuman treatment was committed against her sons, who were beaten.

“However, Gyulyar Suleymanova first of all demands the release of her sons, punishment of the guilty and only after that can she accept written apologies,” Javadov said.

According to G. Suleymanova, her son Elvin did not throw garbage - he went out onto the balcony to the noise. The other son did not resist the police.

At around 16:00 on June 9, it became known that Kerim Suleymanov was released from custody due to a pulmonary disease. However, he has not come home yet. —06D-


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