The police or the Gestapo?

Baku / 09.06.20 / Turan: Increasingly terrible details of the June 8 police operation against citizens in the Eni Yasamal housing estate, testifies that  police committed a massive crimes  and its organizers and executors commit crimes deliberately. Released on June 9 after beating for many hours, Karim Suleimanli told reporters that he was taken to the 29th police station in Yasamal district early on the morning of the 8th.

“30 people beat me for 5 hours. I already said that I had surgery on the lungs. I continued to insult with obscene expressions. Look what  they  have done with my face,” Suleimanli said, demonstrating blood bleeding and abrasions on the head and face.

According to him, the remaining 10 detained neighbors were subjected to severe torture.

 “The court arrested us  for 15 days. I was sent to the department, where they kept me until the morning. Then the head of the department apologized and they let me go," the victim said.

Suleimanli said that he would undergo forensic examination to confirm injuries.

“I ask the president, first vice president and interior minister to investigate.”

The lawyer for the victim, Javad Javadov, told Radio Liberty that the complaint would be forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s Office after Suleimanli’s examination. -0-

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