Month of Muharram has begun

Month of Muharram has begun

Muharram, a mourning month for Shiite Muslims, began on 7 July. The culmination of mourning falls on the 10th day of the month - Ashura.

On this day in 680 in the steppe near Kerbela city in unequal battle with Yazid's troops the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Hussein ibn Ali - the second son of Imam Ali) was killed.

The cause of the tragedy was the struggle for power between the followers of Prophet Muhammad. At the same time, it laid the enmity between Shiites and Sunnis for influence in the Islamic world. 
This year Ashura falls on 16 July.

The Council of Caddies of the Caucasus Muslims Administration urged believers to avoid self-harming customs on Ashura and instead participate in blood donation actions, which have already become traditional in the years of Azerbaijan's independence.

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