Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/04.06.22/Turan: The mother of social activist Rabiya Mammadova was physically attacked the day before. The woman sustained bodily injuries.

Rabiya Mammadova told Turan that her 59-year-old mother Basti Mammadova works as a janitor at Binagadi housing and maintenance department No.102 and has been subjected to bullying by her co-worker lately.

"For some time now, this woman has been showing my mother pictures of me, videos from social media and berating her for 'not taking action'. She told my mother: "Your daughter is a prostitute, a lesbian, she is against the state, and you do not take action," R.Mammadova said.

According to her, on June 3, at about 6 p.m., a co-worker attacked B.Mamedova in a changing room at the housing maintenance facility.

The aggressive woman took the bag from Basti Mamedova and began beating the activist's mother and tearing her hair.

"Knowing that my mother had problems with her knee, she started kicking her in the area," Mammadova said.

The victim of violence was barely wrestled out of the hands of the aggressive woman by other female employees of the housing maintenance facilitty.

"They put pressure on me by physically attacking my mother. In this way, they want me to stop my public and human rights activity," Mammadova said.

The activist said that in connection with the attack on her mother, they filed a complaint to the 5th unit of the Bianagadi district police department of Baku, and a medical examination of the victim was scheduled for Saturday.

However, while R.Mammadova's mother was not accepted for examination on June 4, the rapist herself was "examined".

When R.Mammadova asked her to show where she was injured, this woman in a hijab, covering her face, hurriedly retreated.

It stands to mention that R.Mammadova is known for her public activity and protection of women who suffered from domestic violence. Mammadova has been repeatedly detained for her participation in protest actions.

She has recently established a sewing house for women- victims of domestic violence, creating opportunities for them to access work and become economically independent.

On 30 May, on the International Day of Feminism, an exhibition of goods made by employees of the "Sapla" sewing house, founded by Mammadova, was organized.

The event aroused wide resonance and public support. -06B-

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