Muslim Unity Activist Anar Jabbarov Released

Baku / 04/05/19 / Turan: Anar Jabbarov, an activist of the Muslim Unity Movement, was released from custody on April 5. The criminal case against him was discontinued, the activist's relatives reported.

Anar Jabbarov, an activist of the Muslim Unity Movement (MUM), was detained in Turkey on March 16 and on March 22 was taken to Baku and transferred to the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (MDCOC) of the MIA. His family was not informed about his fate.

Only on April 4, his family members were informed by the Ombudsman"s office that the day before Jabbarov had been transferred to Baku Detention Center No. 1 of the Prison Service in connection with the criminal case against him under Art. 234.4.3 (drug trafficking on a large scale) of the Criminal Code.
However, on the same day, on April 4, Jabbarov was returned to the MDCOC. And on April 5 the criminal case was dismissed against him.

Jabbarov left Azerbaijan after the Nardaran events of 2015. For some time he remained in the Russian Federation, and then moved to Turkey, where he received a residence permit.

The mass arrests of the MUM activists began in November 2015, and there are now 46 convicted MUM activists and supporters, including the organization's leader Taleh Bagirzadeh. -06D--

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