Natural disaster in Balakan-Zagatala

The town of Zagatala and the villages in this district were affected by a storm last night, accompanied by hail and heavy rain.

In many places, the wind blew the roofs of administrative and residential buildings.

Similar damages were inflicted by the storm to the adjacent Balakan region.

The Deputy Chief of the District Executive Power Elman Ramazanov told Turan the hurricane wind at a speed of 33-35 meters per second threw about 600 thick trees and about 100 electric poles down.

As a result, many of the roads were blocked, and the settlements were deprived of light.

According to Ramazanov, the authorities immediately began clearing the roads and by noon they were opened.

As a result of the natural disaster, gas supply in the area was also interrupted.

By midday partial supply of electricity to Zagatala and several villages was resumed.

The disaster rescue efforts are involving regional services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Due to environmental damage experts arrive from the Ministry of Environment. Working groups in the villages are involved in the assessment of damages.

Today sunny weather has established in Zagatala. -06D-

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