Arif, my dear!

I do not know if you have got my letter, but I hope that you will be able to read it once.

Do you know that reprisals are in full swing? They arrested my favorite Intigam, Rasul and Seymour. It is easy to imagine the fear and feeling of depression that has gripped the society. There is speculation that this orgy of repression is possible on the background of the blatant aggression of Russia against Ukraine. However, the analysis of the winter situation shows that the repression plan was developed in the winter.

In the early 21st century, Azerbaijan came to the situation of the 1930s. They began to arrest whole families, as Stalin did. The tyrant behaves as if there is no CE or EU or other international organizations.

The thesis of "politics is a dirty business" is clearly confirmed by the relationship of Ilham Aliyev with his colleagues and partners around the world.

Arif, honey! You were right when you said “I underestimate myself, my power and influence on the situation in the country.” Now in custody, I clearly see my power – I see how they are doing their best to break me and have deprived me of any opportunity to keep my health.

Arif, our mutual friend Marcus Aurelius wrote, "Our life is what we think about it." I know that both you and I think alike. I know that your shoulder is always with me. And though these beasts and jackals are trying to separate us, we will always be together.


Your Leyla.

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