New rules for the provision of taxi services have come into force

New rules for the provision of taxi services have come into force

Taxi companies have started blocking profiles of drivers in their programs whose cars do not comply with the new rules. One of the drivers told Turan that the company had started blocking access to their applications by drivers of cars manufactured in 2006-2007 since last week.

And on July 1, the blocking of drivers driving a 2008 production car began and the process will continue in stages. It was not possible to get comments from the companies that are operators of taxi services.

Persons wishing to provide services could apply for permits for vehicles whose service life has not passed 15 years, until July 1,  Turan was told at the Land Transport Agency. Starting today, drivers of vehicles whose age does not exceed 8 years can apply for licenses.

The requirement for white or red color for cars involved in taxi services comes into force on July 1, 2024.

The agency said that to date, 11696 “graduation cards” have been issued for taxi operations, 24482 drivers have been involved in training.

The E-taksi information system has been created to monitor the activities of taxis. It will allow you to check whether the driver accepting the order has a permit. Administrative penalties will be taken against operators who transfer orders to drivers who do not have a permit.

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