New York Times has joined the election campaign in Azerbaijan

As an example, the author Peter Savodnik results "seen in his dream project" of Ibrahim Ibragimov (brother of the chairman of the State Committee for Work with Diaspora Nazim Ibragimov). By 2020-25 years "paradise", drawn on a napkin head of the concern "Avesta", is to be realized through the efforts of a group of architects led by the now fashionable Zaha Hadid. As the journalist observed, 136 apartments have been sold at an average of $ 300 thousand.

In the propaganda material still shines through gentle irony, but no hint of the severity of the international public opinion. For the author, which, at the editorial office's expense (not likely), or at Haji Ibrahim's expense, visited the capital and Absheron, our country is a stranger. He does not care why the businessman appointed by the ruling family in Baku has a black Rolls-Royce, and a red one in Dubai, and that he is the owner of finance of unknown origin, with so much power (in the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, the entire staff alarmed to learn that a foreign journalist was invited personally by Ibragimov). The businessman loves France and Turkey, and the projects on napkins in the form of revelation he draws on the plane on the way to Baku.

If an American businessman, told journalists that he scribbled a design for the future on a napkin, and architects immediately started developing a bang, the trans-Atlantic press would announce him a screwball immediately. But for the "miracle worker" thousands of miles from the Potomac such weakness is permissible.

For U.S. unique is its important ally in the Muslim East, by force of circumstances, trying to become an energy hub in the region, in spite of Iran conducting Eurovision and cooperating on all sensitive issues with Israel, carrying a military watch in the troubled spots in the world, along with the military forces of NATO. But what could the Azerbaijan people win from this building mega whim and other expensive ploys of the Aliyev family?

Does the country need an archipelago of 55 artificial islands in the Caspian Sea with thousands of apartments, 8 hotels, a racecourse, the marina, the airport and, finally, more than a kilometer high skyscraper while the social problems in the region, and in particular , in Guba and Ismayilli have not been solved? What does the power seek, washing people from the periphery and displacing them in Baku, concentrating in one place?

According to Ibragimov, a million people will live on the islands, and in the project worth $ 100 billion (two local annual GDP) businessmen from Russia, Israel, the Arab countries and China are ready to invest funds.

So far, Azerbaijan (unlike Azeris) in modern history has not achieved anything on its own - its health, education, and thought are on the outskirts of the world, a real economy does not exist, people just dress in all imported, and even eat mainly imported products. Hundreds of local scientists, physicians, political scientists, sociologists work in leading research centers in the world, but does it come from a practical contribution by Baku schools?

Azerbaijan is a young country, and it has to hold. However, it is necessary to do it thoroughly, not boasting with stolen money, not flashy, and without desire for glitter. - 0 -


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