Ниджат Амирасланов

Ниджат Амирасланов

Baku /22.06.17/Turan: Journalist Nijat Amiraslanov, arrested on an administrative basis, was released on June 21, his relatives said. Amiraslanov after the release of no statements for the press did not.

The journalist works in Gazakh, on May 22 of this year he was accused of insubordination and a local court arrested him for 30 days. The journalist did not appeal due to police pressure, his lawyer Elchin Sadigov said.

"We saw Nijat Amiraslanov before his arrest, now he does not have a single tooth," said the lawyer. According to him, Amiraslanov said that "the teeth themselves fell out," and also said that he voluntarily refused an appeal. Neither Gazakh's police, nor the Interior Ministry commented on the allegation that the journalist was tortured. The true reason for the arrest of the journalist was his status in Facebook, where he was made a mocking about Mehriban Aliyeva, comparing it with the "Napoleon" cake.- 0-

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