Over six months losses in the security sphere total 51 people

Over the first six months of the year losses in defense and security sector amounted to 51 killed and 63 wounded, according to the "Doctrine" Center for Journalism Military Studies.

Over the reported period, only eight people died in combat, and 43 died in a non-combat. A military college student, who died for unknown reasons was not included the list of victims.

Six people died as a result of accident (drowning, remained under the tank, fire and electrical shock.)

Nine people died as a result road accident, the crash of the helicopter, two - for unknown reasons, one - by accident, five as a result of hazing,  six  due to illness, and 11 people committed suicide.

Forty people died from the Ministry of Defense, two from frontier guards, seven from the internal forces, one from the Emergencies Ministry, one from the special protection of the State Service.

As for the injuries: 11 people  were injured as a result of bullying (including through negligence), 5 - as a result of a suicide attempt, 3 - in a fight with civilians, 7 - in combat, one from the mine explosion, 4 - accident, 32 - as a result of an accident.

Of the wounded 40 were soldiers Ministry of Defense, 5 – frontier guards, 18 - internal troops. Most of the wounded returned from military service.

The head of the center of the "Doctrine", Jasur Sumerenli said that, compared with the same period last year, the death toll has not changed. However, the increase in the percentage of deaths from suicide as a result of bullying has increased. -16D04-


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