President congratulates on Ramadan holiday

Baku/24.06.17/Turan: "Our people have always been faithful to national and spiritual traditions. Azerbaijan, one of the centers of Islamic civilization, solemnly celebrates national and religious ceremonies, including the Ramadan holiday. "The congratulation of President Ilham Aliyev to the Azerbaijani people on the occasion of the Ramadan holiday.

The head of state underlines that the month of Ramadan coincided with a number of significant events in the life of the country.

"The announcement the year 2017 in Azerbaijan the year of Islamic solidarity, the Fourth Games of Islamic Solidarity in Baku, interreligious solidarity, religious and ethnic tolerance, such important international events as the dialogues between civilizations - their hosting in Azerbaijan, is a clear confirmation of the country's contribution to security matters Peace," said the head of state.

Ilham Aliyev confirmed that Azerbaijan will continue to fight against threats to humanity, as well as commitment to initiatives of dialogue and solidarity. -0--

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