Press Review 01/04/2016

The official press is almost entirely devoted to the visit of Ilham Aliyev to the United States.

The non-governmental press writes about the problems of education, e-commerce, and foreign investment.

The Azadlig accuses the government of creating the conditions for a social explosion. About 17 thousand students have been forced to quit college, since they could not pay the tuition. This process intensified in the last three years.

Previously, this problem could be solved by taking a bank loan, but now it is almost impossible.

The newspaper writes that during the winter session, hundreds of students were not admitted to the exams, because they could not pay the tuition. All this creates a serious discontent among the expelled students.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Education and the State Commission on Student Admission presented a special report to Ilham Aliyev.

The Bizim Yol writes online trade creates problems, though it appeared in Azerbaijan 10 years ago. The article raises the question of the use of payment cards. Most people are wary of this type of payment, for fear of fraud. So, interests are taken for card payment when buying in the recent time, although previously this was not done. For this reason, people prefer cash payment. This opinion was expressed by the experts Akram Hasanov and Natig Jafarli.

The Novoye Vremya writes that "SOCAR is still silent in connection with the construction of a resort in Montenegro, on its construction of which 500 million Euros is to be spent, of which 200 million Euros has already been paid.

In this regard, the State Oil Company activities are called opaque. All data on the resort come from the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic.

The project was started in 2014 and SOCAR rented it for 90 years. In the first 4 years of the resort development 52 million Euros will be spent.

SOCAR does not comment on the construction of the resort.

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