Press Review 02/15/2016

The leading theme of the opposition press is lawlessness in the country's prisons, and the general crisis, which resulted from the authoritarian governance.

The official newspapers Respublika, Azerbaijan and Khalg Gazeti as if do not see the crisis facing the country. These newspapers are writing mostly about the economic achievements of official Baku and fidelity of its policies.

Azerbaijan has suddenly switched to positive in relation to the West and has published an article: German Economic Miracle, which refers to the need to study the German experience. However, earlier this newspaper wrote that Germany is in the grip of the crisis.

Azadlig writes that the country's prisons have become places of torture. In recent days, two prisoners were beaten to death in Prison No 6. Another two were taken to the prison hospital in grave conditions. The author described the above jail as Azerbaijani Guantanamo.

The author also recalls the murder of a prisoner in Penitentiary №14 Elshad Babayev, as well as bullying endured by prisoners for protesting against this.

As for the incident in Prison №6, it is one more proof of lawlessness in places of detention, which is the norm in countries with authoritarian regimes.

Yeni Musavat cites the opinion of the political scientist Hikmet Hajizadeh, claiming that democratic elections cannot be a cause of political instability. He also argues that the current situation of the manat is the biggest threat to stability in the country. This is a consequence of ugly management. If the Parliament is dissolved, the holding of democratic elections will not mean a political crisis.

The political scientist Natig Miri thinks that along with economic reforms political ones are also needed, as they are interrelated factors.

The dissolution of Parliament and new elections are not a vital issue. Reform is more important, he says. –0-- 

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