Press Review 04/03/15

Official newspapers write about the visit of the Prime Minister of Dubai to Azerbaijan.

Azadlig writes about the April 5 rally of the National Council, authorized by the government. The newspaper also publishes an appeal of social activists to the people to participate in this rally.

The lawyer Elchin Gambarov talks about the poor state of the arrested human rights activist Leyla Yunus.

In January of this year, official Baku promised to double the salary of 30 thousand teachers, but that promise was only kept for 20% of them.

Lending 14 banks has completely stopped in order to stabilize the exchange rate of the manat.

A group of students of the Baku Tourism School at the Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management blocked the highway in the Binagadi district in protest against the water shutoff in this university.


Experts argue that the full transition to the policy of "floating" exchange rate of the manat could sink the economy.

Yeni Musavat talks about personnel changes in the banking sector, calling it a "revolution" of the banking sector.

Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov says that in the last 3 months the Armenian side lost almost 50 soldiers.

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