Press Review 05.10.2017

Ensuring the country's food security, rising oil prices, and problems created by torrential rains are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan newspaper writes about the successful solution of the problem of food safety in the country. At the same time, it is said about the wasteful attitude to food. This mainly applies to wedding and mourning ceremonies; it is here that there are food surpluses.

To increase production in the agrarian sector, 10,000 pieces of modern agricultural equipment were purchased, and about 40 large farms were created with support from the state.

The Yeni Musavat newspaper writes that the monopoly business is proceeding smoothly and a kilogram of butter costs 18 manat today. Experts note that the increase in the price of butter is associated with an increase in prices for this product in the European markets by 20-25%. Nevertheless, the difference between the price of butter in Azerbaijan and Georgia is 40-45%.

The price of selling butter in the market ranges from 17 manat to 24 manat. The expert believes that the main reason for the rise in price is customs duties. If the government cannot provide its population with food products through domestic production, then it is necessary to reduce customs duties and tax rates.

The Novoye Vremya newspaper published a report on the consequences of the flooding of Baku streets after heavy rains. Regular statements of officials that the city economy is ready for all the vagaries of nature are nothing more than an empty sound. Downpours flood the streets, underground passages and other infrastructure.

The solution to the problem is drainage systems, which accumulate water in the provided basins, and then pump it out. Over the past two days in the Azerbaijani capital, two road crashes were recorded because of a break in sewer pipes. -0---

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