Press Review 09.08.17

The development of the non-oil sector, the preparation of parents for the school year, the curbing of information, and the compulsion of farmers to sell crops cheaply are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan writes that the necessary fundamental basis has been created for the development of the non-oil sector in the country. The author emphasizes the development of traditional agricultural sectors in the regions, including tobacco growing, silkworm breeding, and hazelnut production.

Over the past 6 months, exports have increased by 36%, and non-oil exports - by 27%. As a result, the foreign exchange stock increased by 3 billion dollars. During this period, 5 billion dollars was invested in Azerbaijan.

The Echo published an article entitled Preparation for School in Azerbaijan to Cost 10-15% More. This year, the school fees will cost the parents a minimum of 330 manats. This is more expensive than in the past by 10-15%.

The Novoye Vremya published an article on the growth of inflation. According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, the average annual basic inflation in Azerbaijan in January-June of 2017 was 13.2% compared to 13.3% for the entire 2016 year.

But not only basic inflation exceeds last year's figure. Average annual inflation also tends to exceed last year's figures.

Thus, the average annual price growth in July accelerated to 14%. Food products went up by 18.2%, non-food - by 12.6%, services - by 9.6% for the year"s term.

The inflation in Azerbaijan in July 2017 was 0.1%. At the same time, non-food products rose 1.6% and tariffs for services to the population - by 0.4%. Prices for food products in July compared with June fell by one percent.

The website writes that the tomato producers complain about the lack of money, because the products are purchased at a low price from them. Farmers complain about purchasers, who, in turn, complain about high costs. The author tells in detail about the essence of tomato production and sales, the retail and wholesale prices. -0--

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