Press Review 10/15/15

Azadlig claims that after the minister Ziya Mammadov, the government will take up the head of Ministry of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov. Thus, the authorities want to deal with the oligarchs.

The newspaper Washington Post writes about political repressions in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

In jail №2, where the leader of REAL Movement Ilgar Mammadov serves his sentence, the prison administration has placed several prisoners in solitary confinement because of their refusal to libel Mammadov.

Some officials and deputies are tacitly banned from leaving the country. The reason for the ban is their connection with the Nur movement.

The newspaper writes that after the elections mass layoffs will begin in budget organizations for people over 65 years old, who will have to retire.


Express writes about the terrorist attack in Ankara. A 15-year-old witness said that the terrorists talked in Azeri.


Echo says that half of the working population of Azerbaijan has loans from banks.

Bizim Yol writes that in comparison with last year, the population decreased payments on loans by half. The situation will worsen after the expected devaluation of the manat.


Yeni Musavat gives a statement by the theologian Taleh Bagirzade that the Wahhabis in Azerbaijan are backed by oligarchs.

Rovshana Samedova, who contacted a bank for employment, faced a refusal, which was explained, saying that her father is an opposition member. She is a daughter of the deputy chairman of the party Musavat Yadigar Sadygly.

The Azerbaijani Embassy in the US has denied that it has condemned Russia's actions in the Caspian Sea.

The election headquarters of the candidate for deputy, chairman of the public association Temiz Dunya Mehriban Zeynalova that is running on in the Surakhani district has been attacked.

The newspaper claims that the former coach of Inter, a Bulgarian Georgi Nikolov is not released from Azerbaijan. The reason is his unreturned loan of 4.5 million USD to the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

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