Press Review 17.11. 2017

November 17 - National Revival Day, the relationship of power to internal forces, and financial losses in connection with banking problems are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan published an article on the triumph of national unity, which refers to the National Revival Day. The national liberation movement of the Azerbaijani people played an important role in the revival of Azerbaijan's independence, the author notes. The article gives a short digression into history - into the 1980s. At that time there was a need for a large-scale and wise policy, which was done by Heydar Aliyev.

The newspaper Echo published an article titled Azerbaijan Loses Nearly AZN 14 Billion Due to Problems of Banks.

The largest damage to the state budget was inflicted by the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA). According to various estimates, the IBA "sucked" from 10 billion to 13 billion manat from the state. At a minimum, the state allocated 10 billion manat to buy out troubled IBA loans.

This is the only bank that has been saved by the state. All the rest that the government tried to save and allocated certain amounts for this went bankrupt.

The website of the Azadlig newspaper,, published a material entitled Who Is Real Enemy of Aliyev Regime? The author talks about the tone with which the authorities speak inside and outside the country. There is quite a soft tone in negotiations abroad and absolutely tough at various meetings inside the country. -0----

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