Press Review - 27/12/13

Official newspapers carried front-page reports of reception by the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev of Ramazan Abdulatipov, head of Dagestan, and the opening of a new road on the Apsheron Peninsula.


Azadlig assigned as the main news the planned December 28 protest by the Karabakh war veterans against infringement of the rights of the Karabakh war invalid Zaur Hasanov which brought him to self-immolation. Hasanov protested against confiscation of his cafe by the leadership of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan.

The lawyer Aslan Ismailov called the head of the Trade Union Confederation Sattar Mehbalyev "a person that laid the foundations of violent confiscation of property from citizens in Azerbaijan."

The page of VIOAS called by official Baku "an authoritative magazine", which recognized Ilham Aliyev "Person of the Year," last updated in 2011 and was only viewed 4 times.

The newspaper reports that tenants in the shopping center Bina, whose shops were burned in a fire on December 25, are not paid compensation.


Zerkalo published a refutation from the Baku Branch of Moscow State University on the reports that the restaurant, where in April of this year there was a fight and for attending it the nephew of Beylar Eyyubov (head of the security for the country's President) was arrested, belongs to the rector of this university Nargiz Pashayeva.


Express announces the acquisition of 30 tons of gold and receiving 95 billion dollars as income by the State Oil Fund in 12 years.


Novoye Vremya published an article on the causes of self-immolation of the Karabakh war invalid Zaur Hasanov entitled "The story of a self-immolation."


Bizim Yol writes that the head of the Confederation of Trade Unions Sattar Mehbaliyev pressured Hasanov for the purpose of confiscating the land on which the cafe belonging to the disabled man was situated. So, Hasanov was abducted, put a bag on his head and delivered to Mehbaliyev's villa.

With a nod to experts the newspaper reports that in 2014, 40 percent of SOCAR workers will be dismissed.


Yeni Musavat reported that because of the poor quality of the underground gas pipeline built by SOCAR in the village of Masazir 4 explosion occurred, accompanied by deaths and injuries of people.

The newspaper reports that relatives of the Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov and the Communications Minister Ali Abbasov staged a mass brawl at the Baku airport.

The head of the party Modern Musavat, notorious Hafiz Hajiyev said that his party decided to guide the physical destruction of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF). The head of NCDF Jamil Hasanli said this threat is serious, because "despite the fact that it was sounded by Hafiz Hajiyev, the fate of our politicians is decided at the highest levels." -06D-



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