Raids have begun to clarify the new "Requirements" for taxis

Raids have begun to clarify the new "Requirements" for taxis

In a bid to modernize and regulate the taxi industry in Baku, mobile patrols of the state traffic police have launched a series of raids aimed at ensuring that taxi drivers comply with newly established requirements. These patrols, conducted in collaboration with the Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency (AYNA), have also extended to the neighboring city of Sumgayit, according to the Baku City State Traffic Police Department.

The primary objective of these raids is to inform taxi drivers about the new "Requirements for Technical Indicators, Internal and External Design of Vehicles Used for Regular Passenger Transportation and Taxis," as approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. These regulations mandate that legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the taxi sector obtain the necessary permits to operate. Notably, cars older than eight years will not be eligible for special pass cards required for passenger service at closed locations such as airports. Additionally, vehicles with a service life exceeding 15 years and those not meeting Euro-5 environmental standards will be barred from passenger transportation in the taxi industry.

To comply with the new rules, vehicles used as taxis must be in good working condition, equipped with both ventilation and heating systems, and a video camera capable of storing data for one month. Moreover, each taxi must contain essential safety equipment, including a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, an emergency hammer, and child safety seats. Only yellow and white cars are permitted to operate as taxis under these regulations.

Furthermore, taxis must feature a special alarm device to indicate availability, and either a taximeter or a mobile device must be installed to display trip costs. Fare information must be visibly posted on a special board within the vehicle. In addition, POS terminals for non-cash payments will become a mandatory feature in taxis.

The implementation of these new rules is set for July 1. By this deadline, drivers are required to obtain a license card from AYNA for vehicles that are no older than 15 years. After this date, taxi drivers operating without the appropriate permits will face fines.

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