Məhəmməd Mirzəli

Məhəmməd Mirzəli

Baku / 22.11.18 / Turan: The blogger Mohammed Mirzali, who is in political emigration in France, reported on the detention of Elman Agayev, his son-in-law (sister's husband), an internally displaced person from Lachin region.

Mirzali himself told Turan that Agayev was detained on 20 November.

"Elman was detained in Baku in the evening when he was returning home.

Only on November 21, they called home and reported that Agayev was detained by the Binagadi police, allegedly with drugs, "Mirzali continued.

He connects the detention of Agayev with his criticism of the Azerbaijani authorities.

Mirzali noted that Agayev had previously been detained several times and subjected to administrative arrest.

Friends of Agayev said Radio Azadlig that he was arrested for two months in an administrative order. Details are unknown.

A 23-year-old Mirzali is a member of PFPA and a blogger who actively criticizes the Azerbaijani authorities in social networks.

At one time, he was also persecuted because of the participation in the campaign "The End of Soldiers' Deaths!", and then he left Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that almost all the relatives of active bloggers who abuse official Baku from abroad are under pressure and are being persecuted.

This practice has been carried out by the authorities of Azerbaijan for several years. -05B06-

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