Report on the right to respect for private and family life published

Baku/05.07.22/Tiran: The Institute for Democratic Initiatives (IDI) has released a report on “The Status of Implementation of ECHR Decisions against Azerbaijan on the Right to Respect for Private and Family Life (Convention, Article 8)” prepared by a graduate of the Young Human Rights Defenders training program.

The report examines the right to respect for private and family life and the guarantees of that right, as well as the legal force of ECHR decisions, and analyzes local and international legislation in these areas.

The study searches shortcomings in practice and legislation by providing  a brief description of the 16 decisions of the ECHR against Azerbaijan under Article 8 (“Right to Respect Private and Family Life”) and the violation of those decisions, as well as general and individual measures taken by the Government to enforce them.

According to the report, the shortcomings in the implementation of decisions are due to the following reasons.

• absence of a special and unified body at the state level to implement and oversee ECHR decisions;

• immethodical resolution of the enforcement process;

• Execution of decisions by the government in the simplest way - through the payment of compensation;

• Insufficient measures taken to improve legislation and practice;

The mentioned issues were comprehensively mentioned in the report, and general recommendations were given at the end.

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