Baku/11.07.22/Turan: The results of March sales of subsidized housing have been annulled. Citizens will once again be presented with the right to choose 442 apartments built under the second stage of the Yasamal residential complex.

The State Security Service and the State Housing Agency which issued a joint statement on the matter, promise that they will ensure a fair, transparent and equal choice of housing.

Note that a similar situation occurred before, but then no one cancelled the sales results.

The State Housing Agency (MIDA) told Turan that the housing selection process consists of two stages. "The first stage is the selection of housing. Next comes the housing order stage. Here the building, the floor, the room number are chosen."

The department noted that the citizen must confirm his choice within 10 minutes. "Otherwise, the function for selecting other applicants for the apartment is activated."

It was emphasized that the announcement of the choice of the apartment is submitted at least 30 days before the date of its provision. "After each announcement, a demo-version of preferential housing is opened for about 1 month. Individuals who have an electronic account in this version look at how they choose and are informed about the system."

The MIDA said the system has a convenient interface for each user to choose from. The system "Preferential Housing" carries out a centralized provision of electronic services to the citizens of the country in the preferential acquisition of apartments, which are at the disposal of the agency. Its main objective-creating equal conditions for persons wishing to receive housing benefits, simplification of the procedure of selection and purchase of housing, ensuring transparency and efficiency in reviewing applications of citizens.

It was noted that work is currently underway to improve the system. "Outside interference was possible, even if the demo-version and the real version had been developed and implemented in parallel. Therefore, there may be differences between the versions. As soon as the system improvement work is over, the next phase of housing selection will be announced a month in advance. No restrictions will apply to those who participated in the previous selection."

Economist Natig Jafarli said that with this system it is difficult to organize a transparent sale of apartments, because there are too many people who want to buy social apartments.

To his thinking, the best way to solve the problem is to hold a transparent lottery among people who are eligible to buy these houses. "Otherwise it will be impossible to convince people that everything is being done fairly. The lottery should be held live, the composition of the commission should consist of a civilian team, journalists. The apartments should also be given to people whose names come out of the box. There is no other way."

The expert noted that this is not the first case of this sort. "Just because there was a lot of noise this time, the official institutions had to cancel the results."

On March 30, suspicious facts were revealed after the process of selecting 442 apartments located in the Yasamal apartment complex of the State Housing Construction Agency (SHA).

According to the official information, there were cases of interference of different persons with the process of selection of 442 apartments using special computer software, and an appeal to the State Security Service was sent to investigate this issue.

Investigations showed that more than 60 percent of the apartments had been illegally seized as a result of the interference.

A criminal case was opened under Articles 273.3.1 and 273.3. 2 of the Criminal Code. It was revealed that citizens of Azerbaijan Mammadov Elchin Elman oglu, Hajiyev Ruslan Afiz oglu, Huseynov Firudin Ilgar oglu, Latifzade Yunis Ilgas oglu, Abdullayev Tarlan Tair oglu and Mammadov Javid Farhad oglu conspired with other persons and in separate groups received "preferential access to information system" from the MIDA, they developed special computer software to ensure that individuals who approached them, for an appropriate material reward, could obtain housing bypassing the "preferential housing" system. On March 30, 2022, they broke into the information system "Preferential Housing" and, deliberately changing the data, illegally interfered with the process of selection of applicants, limiting the right of citizens to receive preferential housing on general and equal grounds. The above persons were prosecuted as criminals on suspicion of committing criminal acts under Articles 273.3.1 and 273.3.2 of the Criminal Code.-0

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