Salafit whose beard was cut demands to punish offenders

A follower  of Salafi (Wahhabi) , Javanshir Zarbaliyev,   who was subjected  to physical  abuse and  was insultesd, demands to punish the perpetrators.  This is how he  told  in interview with turan what happened to him.

"When I came to the market, I was surrounded, and that  i am not allowed to appear there. Immediately thereafter, they  began to strike from different angles, and then  cut his beard  with scissors," said Zarbaliev.  Next, he was threatened by Sharia courts, and was taken to  kaziy who encouraged rapists  not to lynch me, and pass me to police.  Zarbaliyev was taken to a police station, where the beating continued. He was released only after  his father came to police.

The next day Deputy Chief of Police called zarbaliyev , and  invited to come and write a statement.

Zarbaliev believes that individuals discriminate  him for faith must be punished. However, one of the attcakers, named Ramzi, walked freely  in the building of the police, and all perfectly communicated with him, perplexed the  victim.

"Azerbaijan - a free country, and I hope the incident will not go unpunished,"  he said.

A few days ago, a group of citizens caught  in Sabirabad bazaar, a  Wahabbi and decided to lynch him.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and religious leaders condemned such actions, and supporters of Wahhabism expressed outrage and tried to avenge  their friend. -03B04-  

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