Satirist Kidnapped?

The well-known in social media for his satirical verses Tofig Hasanli was lost in the evening of 12 October.

In the video statement the satirist's mother said that he was kidnapped just for his satire. "He just translated into poems everything he saw around him," said the mother.

According to witnesses, the kidnapping of the satirist occurred about 21:00 in the village of Gala, when he went to a local store. Unknown people took him, put him in the car and drove away.

At the request of Turan IA the Ministry of Interior reported that information about the abduction of Tofig Hasanli had not come to the police.

"His family members should contact the police or call the number 102," the press service said.

Recall that Tofig Hasanli in his poems sharply criticizes the government, the Wahhabis, government officials and others.

A few days ago on his blog (, he published a new poem, which criticized members of parliament and senior officials. -03B-

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