Scandal at the trial in the case of Parviz Hashimli

There was a scandal at today's trial in the case of  the  journalist Parviz Hashimli, chaired by Novruz Kerimov in Baku Serious Crimes Court.

According to the lawyer Bahruz Bayramov,  second defendant in the case is Tavakkyul Gurbanov said that Parviz Hashimli insulted him in the press. However, Hashimli called the charges unfounded. Therefore an irate Gurbanov tried  to hit Hashimli through the bars, but the  guards managed to prevent it. Then the court considered the petition  of Hashimli’s lawyer to call additional witnesses, but rejected it.

In turn, Hashimli said that  in the MNS he was offered one million dollars testifying against the brothers Ali and Veli Nagiyeva, former Deputy National Security Ministry and his brother, the current deputy head of the Anti- Corruption Prosecutor General's Office , as well as against Javid Gurbanov - head  of "Azeryolservis."

After  such  statements Hashimli felt bad, and the  trial was stopped. The next trial will be held on May 5.

* Parviz Hashimli was arrested by the MNS  on September 17, 2013. In March, the term of his imprisonment was extended for another three months. He is accused of smuggling (Article 206.3.2 ) and illegal acquisition and possession of weapons (Article 228.2.1.)

Journalist pleaded not guilty and said that during his investigation he was made testify against some officials allegedly financing the opposition,  and they demanded to testify against the head of the Popular Front Party, Ali Kerimli. -16B04-

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