Strong wind tore the main flag

The gale, which began on Sunday night and blew all day, broke the main flag of the country in Flag Square of the capital.

Gusts of the wind at a speed of 35-40 meters per second were the reason why the huge flag of a size of a football field and of a weight of 350 kg began to diverge at the seams, and then completely fell off the flagpole. The incident happened in the morning and was recorded on video by local citizens.

This is the second such incident. First time the flag also broke during a strong wind about two years ago. After that, during strong winds the flag was lowered down. Apparently this time the management of Flag Square did not pay attention to the weather forecast.

Next day, cloudy weather will continue and rain is expected on Monday and Tuesday, with possible thunder. The temperature will fall to 26-28 degrees in the daytime. The wind will weaken, but it will not stop. -02B-

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