Crocus Ltd. working on tobacco brands

Company Crocus Ltd. not abandoned the idea of ​​creating their own cigarette brands in Azerbaijan and working on their names. "We are for cost-effective production, professional human resources, quality products," said Turan Baku office.

Pilot production of cigarettes was organized in January. After this enterprise located in the village Keshla Baku city, suspended the activities.

License for the production of at least 300 million cigarettes with filter cigarettes per year was provided by the Ministry of Agriculture of Crocus Ltd. in May 2013. The company is located on the territory of another cigarette producer in Azerbaijan - of European Tobacco-Baku.

Crocus Ltd. is one of three importers of cigarettes to Azerbaijan. This company was registered in Baku in March 2004. It is headquartered in the Narimanov district of Baku on the Darnagul highway. The company is a subsidiary of the group of companies Crocus International (Russia), owned by entrepreneur of Azeri origin Araz Agalarov.

According to the SSC, the first five months of this year, the country produced tobacco products worth a total of 9.9533 million manat, which is 36.8% higher (stable prices) than in the comparable period of 2013. There were issued 811 million cigarettes (37.4%). In this storage remains absent, ie all the products are for sale.

The State Customs Committee has registered import tobacco for five months in 2014, totaling $ 149.3 million is 19.5% more than in January-May 2013.

In annual terms, the retail price of cigarettes in Azerbaijan for five months of this year rose by 14.5%. In January-May 2013, cigarette prices were increased by 12.1%. Antimonopoly Service of the Ministry of Economy and Industry does not respond to market processes, consumer organizations classified as "highly monopolized." - 08B-

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