Hill International Limited became a consultant to create a High-Tech Park

A contract has been signed for the implementation of the project manager - technical consultant on the design companies to develop concept design and master plan for the overall construction project High-Tech Park.

According to the State Procurement Agency, the company Hill International (Azerbaijan) Limited will receive for these purposes about 120,000 manat. Cooperation with the company will cover the period prior to the approval of the general plan of the park.

Initially High-Tech Park in the Ministry of Communications and high technology planned to create a part of the territory of Sumgait Super-phosphate Plant. To do this, in November 2012, was given 30 hectares of land. In September 2013, the location of the 50-hectare park was changed to the island and metropolitan district center Pirallahy.

According to the decree on the establishment LLC YT Park on November 6, 2012, the park is an area, which has the necessary infrastructure, material and technical base and control structures on conducting research in the fields of information and communication technology, telecommunications and space, energy efficiency, the development of new and high technologies .

The authorized capital of LLC YT Park is 50,000 manat. - 08D-

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