Photo TURAN.

Photo TURAN.

Baku/05.05.22/Turan: The Student Power Center organization held a protest in front of the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

The young people accused the Ministry of Education of inaction and unfurled a banner saying, "You are not a teahouse - act!"

The students demanded that the problems in education be solved and that the shortcomings be eliminated. They also protested against the existing "despotism" in universities that totally ignore the appeals of students.

A statement of the protesters said: "At present, despotism reigns in Azerbaijani universities and in the education system as a whole. We demand from the Ministry of Education and the state:

To provide the free education in universities, improve the quality of education, solve the problems of students, assign worthy scholarships."

They also demanded to provide the needy with dormitories, to investigate the facts of bullying and discrimination, to stop the facts of harassment of students because of their political views, religion, gender identity and orientation.

Furthermore, the protesters demanded that schools teach in the native language, that elections of rectors be introduced, and that those responsible for bribes at universities be brought to justice.

The protesters stated that despite repeated appeals to the Ministry of Education on these issues, no action had yet been taken.

Police officers and an employee of the Ministry of Education invited representatives of the protesters to the department.

It was not possible to get comments from the Ministry of Education. -06В-


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