Teacher from Rural School Distributing Video about Election Fraud Arrested

Baku / 23.05.20 / Turan: The teacher of the school of the village of Dellekli of the Yardimli region, Jalil Zabidov, who exposed fraud at the extraordinary parliamentary elections and publicized it, was arrested.

On May 21, the Yardimli District Court sentenced Zabidov, a member of the D18 Movement, to 5 months in prison, finding him guilty under Art. 221.1 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code.

This was reported by his loved ones.

According to them, Zabidov exposed the spread of corruption and bureaucratic arbitrariness in the Yardimli region and has long irritated local authorities for that. The "patience" of officials was overwhelmed by Zabidov’s exposure of violations in the February 9 parliamentary elections at a polling station where he was an observer.

Immediately after the election, a criminal case was opened against him.

He was an observer at polling station number 1 of the Yardimly-Masalli constituency number 72. They beat him up for the video recording of falsifications. The next day, one of those who was at the polling station beat him again, breaking his arm. But, in the end, Zabidov himself was accused of hooliganism.

“And the one who beat Jalil was recognized as a victim. They brought false witnesses to court, and they slandered Jalil,” said Zabidov’s relatives.

The 35-year-old Zabidov is charged with committing hooligan acts against a resident of the Yardimli region, Hamlet Amashev.

The family of the activist believes that he was convicted on the order of the district leadership.

“The head of the district sent Jalil a message that if he does not stop his activities, then he will feel bad. Jalil has three young children. How will they live now? Is it possible to do such arbitrariness against those who are telling the truth?” said a member of the Zabidov family.

Zabidov’s materials were mainly distributed on the page Say No to Corruption.

The executive branch of the Yardimli region rejected their involvement in the arrest of Zabidov.

At the same time, they said that he "distributed false materials."

Moreover, Mahir Mirzoyev sued Zabidov for publishing material on the appropriation of assistance allocated by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation to kindergarten-nursery number 2 by the department head of the Executive branch of the Yardimli region.

Also, a lawsuit in the form of a private criminal charge against Zabidov was brought by the first deputy head of the district Azer Khamiev.

Both require the teacher pay 15 thousand manats for insulting honor and dignity and causing damage to business reputation.

Local activists consider unreasonable the persecution of Zabidov, who criticize the problems of corruption, bribery, and bureaucratic arbitrariness in the region.

It should be noted that Musa Gasymov was elected deputy in the 72nd Yardimly-Masalli District. —06D-


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