Əli Həsənov

Əli Həsənov

Baku/16.12.21/Turan: The corruption scandal around the former assistant to the head of state and the main ideologist of the country, Ali Hasanov, is  increasing again.

During the court hearing on December 16 at the Serious Crimes Court over Hasanov's protege, the former head of the State Media Support Fund Vugar Safarli, the latter's lawyers again demanded that Ali Hasanov be summoned to court.

It was noted that he was involved in the theft of more than 17 million manats of state funds allocated to the State Support Fund for the Media for the construction of a house for journalists.

The construction was carried out by the firm "Porthos", created by Ali Hasanov and his relatives. 

Safarli's lawyers openly stated that the money should be reimbursed by the one who embezzled it.

The trial has been postponed until December 21. -02D-


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