Saleh Rüstəmli

Saleh Rüstəmli

Baku/12.12.21/Turan: On the 36th day of a hunger strike of the convicted activist of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Saleh Rustamli, doctor Adil Geybulla made a statement online. He reports that recently the convict began to be given parenteral, that is, excluding the participation of the digestive tract, nutrition in the form of intravenous infusions.

A. Geybulla and other doctors who monitor Rustamli's  health made a desicion on such treatment. "But we must not forget that nothing can replace alimentary (normal) nutrition ... It should be remembered that parenteral support, carried out against the background of age, concomitant diseases, stress, is temporary. Fatal complications can occur at any time."

Adil Geybulla explains that with prolonged hunger, accompanied by the consumption of water, the deficiency of nutrients is primarily compensated by the expenditure of fat resources accumulated in the body. Adipose tissue is mobilized for the synthesis of proteins and energy materials, the body loses weight. As this process proceeds sequentially, degenerative, irreversible processes develop in vital organs, including the brain, heart, liver, kidneys.

Hunger not only causes somatic (bodily) changes, but also has a serious impact on the psyche and behavior of a person. Memory and cognitive (mental) functions are impaired, hallucinations and apathy may occur. Death occurs when the body is unable to provide vital functions.

Saleh Rustamli suffered COVID-19. His immune system is facing extremely serious complications, and post-covid syndrome poses an additional danger against the backdrop of continued hunger. At any moment, the process can end with a fatal outcome.

"Let's not forget this. With hope at the mercy of the state," with these words the doctor Adil Geybulla completed the post on the network.

We add that the official representative of the US State Department Ned Price expressed his attitude to Rustamov's hunger strike. “We are deeply concerned about reports of the worsening condition of Salekh Rustamov. It is necessary for Azerbaijan to urgently release him on humanitarian grounds so that he can receive adequate medical assistance. He has been on hunger strike for 35 days and is close to death." Price wrote about it on December 11 in his Twitter account.

Saleh Rustamov, a political prisoner, is on a hunger strike to protest the illegal imprisonment for 7 years on trumped-up charges. –0—


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