Mustafa Hacıbəyli

Mustafa Hacıbəyli

Baku/16.06.17/Turan: Chief editor of "Bastainfo" portal ( Mustafa Hajibayli was again summoned to the Prosecutor General's Office in connection with publications on the case of journalist Afgan Mukhtarly. According to Hajibeyli, Turan was interviewed by the first deputy prosecutor general Rustam Usubov. The journalist came to the prosecutor's office with a lawyer, but the defender was not allowed. Hajibeyli was charged with the publication of "$300.000 for the head of Afgan Mukhtarly?", "The last arrests and" Musavat ","Sensational news about Afgan Mukhtarly." Allegedly, these publications disseminate information "damaging the investigation and misleading the public".

Hajibayli, in turn, noted that these publications were circulated with reference to Georgian media and the fact of abduction of Mukhtarli was noted by the Georgian President. Usubov did not accept the journalist's arguments, saying that "Azerbaijan has its own laws" and they must be observed.

A journalist was warned again.

In turn, the Musavat party issued a statement, noting that Hajibayli was summoned the day after the adoption of the resolution by the European Parliament in the case of Afgan Mukhtarli. The party regards this as pressure on Musavat and a total assault on media freedom. (Hajibeyli is an adviser to the head of Musavat.) The party demanded to put an end to total attacks on freedom of expression and immediately release Afgan Mukhtarli.

In turn, the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office said that Hajibeyli committed a "gross" violation of the requirements of Azerbaijani legislation on the media, on the protection of information, as well as the Criminal and Criminal Procedural Codes.

"He was warned about the inadmissibility of spreading deliberately biased and inconsistent with the requirements of legislation information. If the journalist continues to admit this, then measures will be taken against him," the prosecutor's office threatened. However, the Prosecutor General's Office does not explain what exactly these publications violate the laws. -06D--

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