Leyla Böncü

Leyla Böncü

Baku / 20.06.20 / Turan: “If there is no fair decision in Azerbaijani courts, I will appeal to the European Court”

Azerbaijani citizen Leyla Bonchu, who was unjustly treated by traffic police, complained to the Meydan TV channel. She said that on April 6 she was hit twice by a Mercedes Ategio truck with registration number 99 FJ 282, which was driving in the direction of Baku-Guba from a place called the Masazir circle.

Leyla Bonchu said that although she had informed 102 of the incident, the insurance company, and not the traffic police, drove up to her:

 “After 40 minutes, an employee of the State Traffic Police called me and asked me to approach the Ecological Post, and I went to this post in disrepair. They took an explanatory note from me. The driver of the opposite side was also asked to write an explanatory note. However, I saw that he put 50 manat in the documents. When I protested, the police took me out of the building. "

Leyla Bonchu said that the other side also provided an explanation to the police, adding that the police showed her a video from surveillance cameras: “It’s clear that I’m not guilty from the tape. He hit me twice and went out twice on my way. Police officer Mushfig Babashov, smiling strangely and looking at the video camera, told me that I was guilty. Then a protocol was drawn up for a fine of 40 manat. "

However, Leyla Bonchu stated that she had not signed any documents, but turned to the hot line 102 and to the Minister of the Interior:

 “I asked that the camera image be transmitted to me and the investigation began. On May 4, I received a letter stating that I was guilty. At the same time, the image from the video cameras was not given to me. Therefore, I was forced to file a lawsuit in the Absheron District Court on May 19. ”

On June 5, the Absheron District Court, chaired by Judge Sevinj Guliyeva, organized a viewing of material from video cameras. A police officer was also invited to the hearing. Leyla Bonchu says the policeman never stopped joking even in the courtroom, not hiding her friendship with the opposite side:

 “Despite the fact that during the trial it was clear that I was completely innocent, the court found me guilty for unjustified reasons. I will appeal, and if there is no fair decision, I will appeal to the European Court."

Leyla Bonchu said she contacted the President and First Vice President:

“At the same time, in my complaint to the Minister of the Interior, I asked to create a commission. Unfortunately, there is no reaction yet. "

He said that he still could not get a video image of the incident.-0-


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