The trial in the case of trade union activist Afiyaddin Mammadov

The trial in the case of trade union activist Afiyaddin Mammadov

A preparatory  trial in the case of Afiyaddin Mammadov, head of the independent confederation of trade Unions "Working Platform" began in the Baku Serious Crimes Court. Mammadov was detained on September 20 near his home after being attacked by an unknown person. However, Mammadov was also accused of stabbing him (Article 221.3 - hooliganism committed with the use of weapons) and 126.1 (intentional infliction of serious harm to health) of the Criminal Code.

Later, the charges were tightened – according to Articles 126.2.4 (intentional infliction of serious harm to health in a generally dangerous manner) and 228.4 (illegal arms trafficking).  He faces up to 11 years in prison.

At the beginning of the  trial, Mammadov denied all charges and demanded the presence of independent journalists and video and audio recordings of the trial. After that, the journalists were allowed into the hall.

Lawyer Zibeyda Sadigova also petitioned that Mammadov should not be brought into the hall with handcuffs behind his back. She also petitioned to transfer Mammadov to house arrest. However, the court did not satisfy the petitions for videotaping and audio recording of the trial and transferring Mammadov to house arrest. The application for handcuffs was dismissed.

Mammadov told Turan correspondent in the courtroom that he had no complaints about the conditions of detention. However, he denies the accusations and is unhappy with being handcuffed from behind. The hearing on the merits is scheduled for February 6.

Human rights activists recognize Mammadov  as a political prisoner.

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