Elçin Sadıqov. Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Elçin Sadıqov. Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku / 14.09.20 / Turan: After the transfer of Tofig Yagublu from the pre-trial detention center to the “City Hospital” last Saturday, lawyer Elchin Sadigov was allowed to see him on Monday.

According to him, Yagublu has been on hunger strike for 13 days and is still in intensive care.

“Yagublu's health is not good. He was lying and was  very lethargic. There is no treatment, he is simply injected with liquid.

Yagublu does not allow to enter him nutrients. He is under the supervision of Professor Adil Geybulla,” Sadigov said, adding that Yagublu intends to starve until his demand for release is fulfilled.

Can Yagubla be force-fed?

Answering this question, the lawyer said that if the hunger striker is conscious, it is forbidden to force-feed him.

However, if he lost consciousness, then according to the Article 42 of the law on the rights and freedoms of persons held in places of detention, he can be force-fed.

The lawyer noted that despite the submission of an appeal on September 7, it has not yet been sent from the Nizami Court to the Baku Court of Appeal. Today the lawyer once again contacted the Nizami Court, but the situation has not changed.

Taking into account Yagublu's health, the defense insists on urgent referral of the complaint to the court of appeal.

The politician's daughter Nigar Hazi also wants to see her father, but she is not allowed to see him. In this regard, she turned to the Ombudsman. — 06D-


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