Trial in the case of former MNS officers

Baku / 04.05.17 / Turan: On Thursday, under the chairmanship of Elbay Allahverdiyev, the Baku military court continued the  trial against a group of former high-ranking MNS officers, including the head of the Anti-Terrorist Center Elchin Guliyev, Colonel Azer Mehdiyev and others. Today,  victims addressed with civil suit. Several people said that the defendants extorted huge sums of money from them and caused serious material damage. So, Tale Sadikhov demanded 500,000 manat compensation, Aydin Jafarov - 90 thousand manat, Matlab Mustafayev - 120 thousand manat, Heydar Alekperov - 500 thousand manat.

Then defendant Elchin Guliyev suggested holding a closed trial, explaining this with the facts of state secrets. The judge agreed to hold the trial partially closed. Then the prosecutor read the accusation, but the defendants did not plead guilty, and Guliyev and others refused to give evidence. Then the testimony was given by two of the numerous victims. The next court trial is scheduled for May 8.

Elchin Guliyev and his subordinates are accused under 12 Articles of the Criminal Code, among them: illegal arrests, robberies and seizure of someone else's property, extortion as part of an organized group, abuse of power, obtaining large bribes,

Guliyev and his subordinates illegally followed the entrepreneurs, arrested them, extorted money, threatening with murder and prison. Dozens of entrepreneurs have suffered from these actions. The amount of damage and property seized from them is estimated at tens of millions.

After the disbandment of the MNS in October 2015, more than 20 officers were arrested and numerous criminal cases were initiated against them. The current court is the third one against former employees of the MNS, the other two are still ongoing.-16D-

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