U.S. Ambassador supports education reform

Third forum of graduates educated abroad took place today in the “Four Seasons” Hotel.   The meeting on the development of new approaches  in education in Azerbaijan was organized  by the Baku  American Center, Azerbaijani University of Languages (AUL) with suppor of the Education Ministry. According to Rector of  AUL Samed Seyidov,  with support of the Ministry of Education  resumed shipping Azerbaijani students studying in the USA.

"Hundreds of students from Azerbaijan are trained in America. An American Center  operates in the AUL. It is time to establish in America  an educational associations  of  students educated in Azerbaijan," Seyidov said. He said that 80  got education in the AUL. The participants of the meeting  noted deepening reforms in the educational sector of Azerbaijan, bringing it closer to the American system.

 "Educated abroad not only acquire knowledge, but become worthy citizens. In this sense, it is gratifying that these individuals contribute to the education reforms in Azerbaijan,"  reads the message of the Minister of Education, Mikail Jabbarov, which was presented by Emin Amirullaev, the Ministry of Education employee.

In turn, the  U.S. ambassador Richard Morningstar  also stressed the  efforts of the Minister Jabbarov.

"The minister works 24 hours   seven  days to change the situation. People understand that students  educated abroad have  great potential.

Minister Jabbarov is one of those who made efforts to form a new educational system in Azerbaijan to develop a new strategy. We appreciate it, " said Morningstar.

According to him, about 5000 graduates of American universities in Azerbaijan carry out great deeds. These programs develop links between educational systems,  and promote informing  between countries, the ambassador said. -03C-

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