Leyla Yunus: Pressure does not stop

On September 11 at 10:15 - 10:25 representatives of the UN Commission against Torture came to my camera in jail of Kurdakhani. I had the opportunity to inform one-to-one the Commission  about methods of mental and physical pressure made on me , and the use of the prisoner Nurida Huseynova against her.

I showed the representative of the UN a bruise the size of 20-25 cm. on my  the right foot after struck from N.Huseynova on Saturday. I also said that I  was reprimanded, and  asked for help.

The UN officials have talked with other cellmates, asking them questions about their own problems. After 6-7 minutes after the representatives of the UN left the chamber, Nurida Huseynov attacked me, and cried not count on someone else's protection.

She turned on the TV at full power, and continued to insult me​​, threatening that generally will break my arms and legs ... I started banging on the door. Nazakat Mamedova opened the door, I asked again to invite representatives of the United Nations to my cell, as I was subjected to psychological pressure and threats of violence. N.Mamedova kindly said that they were in the other chamber, and as soon as they come out she will call them. She twice repeated her promise.

Of course, I was once again deceived. I stopped knocking the door, and in an hour employee supervision said that UN officials left the jail. Nurida Huseynova also continued harassment and threats.

The conclusion is  she is used (perhaps prosecutors) to destroy my physical and mental health. She attacked me even when the United Nations was still in jail building. They do not let me  to sleep, showing  that the UN will not protect me.

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