The city of Ganja is indignant, and authorities do not take lesson from the crisis of last year

The protest rally of the parents of convicts in the Ganja case on August 15 in the Court of Appeal struck with its spontaneity and an explosion of emotions.

The relatives of the convicts, who were silent for a long time, finally expressed everything they think.

They were not shy in expressions, and, it seemed, were not afraid of the consequences. Moreover, according to witnesses, a real pogrom took place in the courtroom itself: windows were broken, seats were broken, shutters were torn down, etc.

A minor social explosion occurred after the court refused to release the "innocent" young people, parents say.

At the same time, the convicts themselves almost blew up the glass cage, threatening to commit suicide.

The confrontation with the police continued on the street in front of the court, where the parents tried to block the movement and scolded the authorities with the last words.

Thanks to social networks, tens of thousands of people saw the shots taken on phones, and all the hatred of the protesters in Baku spread throughout the country and far beyond its borders.

The events in Ganja in July 2018, their causes and subsequent actions by the authorities demonstrate a complete misunderstanding and inability to draw the right conclusions from what happened.

As always, the authorities decided to follow the path of repression, believing that this tried and tested path is the best.

In the same way, the authorities acted after the events in Ismayilli, in Guba and after other mass protests. Each time, the authorities did not have the intelligence and courage to admit the guilt of local officials.

Instead, they carried out mass repressions against oppositionists and activists, accusing them of destabilizing the situation about external enemies.

Here again, more than 70 arrested, six killed and dozens of wanted. The accusations are the same: a violent seizure of power, the machinations of Islamic radicals and "enemies of a happy Azerbaijan."

As a child, many of us puffed up balls and squinted, fearing that the ball would burst and hit our face painfully. It seems that the authorities did not understand that infinitely inflating the ball is dangerous.

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