The father of a well-known journalist died because of the lack of professionalism of TABIB

A well-known journalist in Azerbaijan, democratically active blogger Seymur Kazimov addressed an open letter to the chair of the board of the Association for the Management of Territorial Medical Units (TƏBİB) Ramin Bayramli.

The appeal begins with a laudatory “letters of workers” published in some media and a statement of the fact that Kazimov Sr. died after a 10-day high body temperature, becoming a victim of medical indifference.

The telephone operator of the village of Khirdalan, where the deceased lived, refused to accept the call as soon as she heard about the high temperature of the patient, and recommended calling the TƏBIB hotline. By this time, the patient's temperature was 38 degrees. They do not take the phone for a long time, and relatives have to look for other phone numbers. Finally, after hearing about the high temperature of the patient, they ask about the presence of a coronavirus test. When learning that there is no test, they told the need to report to the central TABIB apparatus. However, the medical team did not come.

The family decided to make an injection to bring down the temperature themselves. Doctors came some hours later. After examining a patient suffering from high temperature, the doctor prescribed diphenhydramine, analgene and leaves. The disease worsened, the temperature rose and the patient himself went for fluoroscopy, and bilateral pneumonia was established. Two days later, two doctors come, and after examining the patient, again diphenhydramine-analgene were prescribed.


Four days before his death, he was tested for coronavirus. The answer did not come. For the first time in a patient suffering from diabetes, the blood glucose level rose to 360, the temperature increased to 39 degrees. He was not hospitalized; an ambulance doctor demanded an answer to the taken test.

The patient was suffering. The family again called an ambulance and they honestly reported that the doctors did not have a protective suit for visiting a patient with a coronavirus. By calling the TABIB central authority, relatives find out that the doctors will not come because there is no sense in this visit - medicine doomed the person to death.

On June 12, the man was still alive, sugar and temperature rose. After the scandal on the phone the doctor arrived, saw that the disease became severe, made an injection of diphenhydramine and dipyrone. He refused hospitalization of the patient, says that he has no right to take the patient to the clinic without an answer to the test, talks about his 30 years of experience in medicine.

By noon, the family was forced to bring the patient to the Semashko Clinic in their own car.


After some time, they called and told to take the patient back, because no one can help him. While the family rushed to the hospital, the patient passed away. Two hours after death, an SMS message with information about the absence of a coronavirus - “negative”, was sent to the deceased's phone number.

S.Kazimov asks TABIB manager the questions:

1. Why in Azerbaijan patients not suffering from coronavirus cannot receive surgical treatment? Is temperature fever an indicator of coronavirus?

2. The patient was not hospitalized due to lack of beds. Is the journalist’s father to blame for it?

3. Who is to blame for the fact that “there are no places in the hospital” and why then people are released onto the streets instead of being quarantined?

4. By what criteria is the medical staff of the operational headquarters formed, why are their names and responsibilities still not disclosed, though these individuals are the reason for the overflow of hospitals?

5. Who instructed the doctors not to accept a patient with bilateral pneumonia, fever 39, a sugar dose of 360 without a positive response to the coronavirus test?

6. Why did the answer to the test come in 3 days? Why do not they bring tests to the country, the answer to which is known no later than 1 hour? Why should people stay face to face with death for 3 days? Millions have been collected in the Coronavirus Foundation, why are not they spent? The situation is becoming increasingly tense, the world is opening borders, and Azerbaijan is closing. What are you waiting for?

Seymur Kazimov compares the coronavirus situation in Azerbaijan with its oil and satellites with the situation in countries where there is no oil and satellites and asks, “Why is it so bad with us?”

S.Kazimov demands an answer personally from Ramin Bayramli and asks not to send him answers with signatures of other persons.


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