Эмин Агаларов с сыновьями© Sputnik / Yekaterina Chesnokova

Эмин Агаларов с сыновьями© Sputnik / Yekaterina Chesnokova


In a letter addressed to the organizers on July 29, M. Aliyev writes:

"Dear organizers of the festival ZHARA,

On July 27, was arrested Zafar Ahmadov, a PFPA activist, member of the Public Alliance "Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners". He was invited to the police, where he was charged with disobedience, and the court sentenced him to 30 days of arrest. The alliance believes that Ahmadov was arrested for status in the social network, condemning the arrival of the singer Zara Mgoian to the festival. As you know, a campaign has been launched in the social network against her participation in this Festival. Zafar Ahmadov is a very reserved and intelligent person, who has never gone to abuse and insults, and his arrest must be considered as misunderstanding. I think that his arrest is a provocative case, and will not bring honor to such a successful and promising project as the ZHARA. In 2012, we already had political prisoners of the song festival Eurovision, which attached some negative to this project.

I am deeply convinced that the initiators of ZHARA must avoid the politicization of the festival, which some detractors are trying to impose by arrests and summons to police the dissidents.

Emin Agalarov wisely reacted to the insinuations around Mgoian: "My attitude to that is simple. Zara is a Kurdish woman. Therefore, I do not see any sense to see something positive or negative in this matter ... Those who see this as a negative, have their own motivation. I respect their opinion. I think that this music festival is a holiday, and brings good and positive emotions. "

It seems that this line should be preserved in relation to Zafar Ahmadov and others who has a distinctive opinion about the festival. Demonstration of pluralism will only exalt the significance and attraction of the song festival ZHARA." -0-

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