Exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Mamed Emin Rasulzade

Tuesday in Baku Museum of Independence opened  an exhibition "Page of History" dedicated to 130th anniversary of one of the founders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920) , Chairman of the National Council, Mamed Rasulzade . The exhibition , which will last until the first days of February, will show 30 photos from the personal archives of the historian Adalat Tairzade, books and documents from the museum,  and video on Rasulzade  will be screened.

At the opening of the exhibition spoke  the director of the Museum of Independence, Farida Shams, head of the history  department of Academy of Public Administration, Firdovsia Akhmedova, historian Adalat Tairzade , associate of  BSU, Nasiman Yagublu, a member of the Nationalist youth organization, Elshan Ismailov, the artist, the grandson of  Rasulzade,  Rayis  Rasulzade.

Among the attendants of the ceremony were the descendants of the prominent representatives of the ADR, historians, representatives of the Presidential Guard and the Interior Troops.

Mamed Emin Rasulzade is one of the most prominent political figures of the twentieth century Azerbaijan.  He  was involved in politics in his youth , playing a major role in the creation of a political organization " Hummet " in 1905. In 1909 he founded in Tabriz  the "Adalat" party, then was exiled by  Shah of Iran to Turkey. In 1911 he returned to Azerbaijan, and established party "Musavat". He played a special role in the declaration of independence of Azerbaijan in 1918. President of the National Council. negotiated with the Caucasian Islamic Army on liberation of Azerbaijan from Russian -Armenian military units. In 1920, ADR collapsed as a result of the Soviet occupation, and Rasulzade was arrested , but soon  he was released and sent to Moscow. In 1922 a secret committee of the party "Musavat" decided on the withdraw Rasulzade  from Russia. He was transferred to Finland and from there to Turkey. On March 5, 1955 , he died in Ankara and was buried there.

In the 80 years of the twentieth century, during the national liberation movement in Azerbaijan Rasulzade became a symbol of the struggle. Aliyev regime that came to power in 1993, led the fight for  downgrade the importance and role  of Rasulzade in the history of Azerbaijan. The Baku State University does not bear his name  any more,  and quietly  was canceled the decision on the establishment of the monument Rasluzade in Baku.

Only  now, on the occasion of the 130th anniversary,  President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on the celebration of the anniversary. However, these events are held at the level of individual ministries, rather than the level of senior  state officials.-05D04-  


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