Program of Festival of Documentary Films "Our Rights, Our Future"

On April 12-14, the hall of the office of Civil Solidarity Party (Khagani Rustamov Street, 1210 Quarter) will host a festival of documentary films: "CAUCADOC and Our Rights - Our Future."

The forum is organized by Art for Democracy.

After the show, each tape will be discussed with the participation of the audience.

Screening of films will be provided with translation or subtitles.

At 14 am it will open the festival, and the first to be screened is "Capitalism - our secret recipe," after which the moderators will have discussions.

At 15:50 - coffee break.

At 16:20 will start showing films as "Black-and-white portrait of the family," followed by discussion.

April 13 at 14 pm will start showing films as "piping" at 15:25 to begin the discussion.

At 15:50 - Coffee Break

At 16:20 - screening of "Why Democracy - we follow you?"

At 17:10 - discussion.

April 14 14:00 - start to the tape "Send the devil back to hell" followed by a discussion,

At 15:40 - Coffee Break

At 16:20 - film "When the neighbor-criminal" and discussion.

The moderators for the discussions will be well-known representatives of civil society, international organizations, politicians, and journalists, among them Gunel Mevlut, Shakhvalad Chobanoglu, Eldar Namazov, etc.-02D-




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